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Float Signal Submerged (Red/Green) | Denis Ferranti Group
Float Signal Submerged (Red/Green)

Float Signal Submerged (Red/Green)


The Float Signal Submerged can surface from depths of 500m+, with specialist models capable of depths in excess of 750m. On the surface, the Float Signal Submerged will re a grenade (Red / Green) 90m into the air to display a are.


The Float Signal Submerged, when combined with a Grenade Red, is required under STANAG 1298 as an optical means of alerting surface crews of a submarine in distress. In accordance with NATO Multinational Tactical Signal and Manoeuvring, the submarine will surface immediately if possible. All ships are to clear the localised area and stand by to render assistance.

The Float Signal Submerged, when combined with a Grenade Green, is used under NATO Multinational Tactical Signal and Manoeuvring, for indicating a submarine attack or an exercise signal to indicate that torpedoes have been red.


Grenade propulsion height: 90m +
Delay: 10 seconds + 5 seconds
Grenade colour: red / green


Cut lanyard connecting both safety pins, insert store into the submarine signal ejector, remove safety pins and fully insert store. Follow submarine operating instructions to release the store.

Unique Selling Points

  • Used by the UK MoD and NATO forces in accordance with NATO MTP 1(D) Volume 2
  • Designed in accordance with STANAG 4333 & STANAG 4338
  • Compatible with ThyssenKrupp Submarines l Variable diameter for compatibility with circa
  • 75mm and 100mm signal ejectors.
  • UN certi ed for transportation
  • Tested and qualified reliability of 98+% in accordance with BS6001 and AQL 1.0
  • No ITAR Restrictions

Storage & Transportation

Qty per box: 4
Hazard class: 1.2D
NEQ: 0.15kg
GR Wgt: 21kg
Max / min temperatures: -36°C to +71°C